What will I need to take orders?
There are two things you will need only. Internet Connection and tablet or phone. You will need a tablet or phone. You can bring your own dedicated device or purchase from us.


Every aspect of the system runs online and therefore requires you to be connected to the internet to receive orders. Here are a few recommendations about how to set up your internet:
  • Use your own internet connection instead of a shared connection so you have greater control
  • Keep a 3G / 4G mobile internet connection as a backup in-case there is an interruption with your normal connection. Consider using your phone on hotspot mode for such instances.


To manage your online store and orders, you will need a device that can access the internet. We recommend using an android tablet with a table stand. You can purchase a tablet from us directly if you do not have and we will ship it to you for free within Canada.
We have Lenovo tablets with a charging station and table stand for purchase and is a brand which we recommend using


This is optional but very helpful for managing orders
You can automatically or manually print new orders using any printer whose drivers are installed on a Android device, Windows or Linux PC. To clarify, this means if you can print from an application like Word or Notepad, then it's compatible with our service. We highly recommend using a thermal receipt printer. The printers we recommend are Epson Bluetooth. We may also have a few printers in stock for purchase.
We highly recommend using an Android device or Windows 10 tablet/computer. Windows provides the greatest flexibility and allows for wireless order printing whilst being able to use the order and table booking dashboard.


You can use any printer with Windows or Linux drivers or any printer that works with ESCPOS using Android, so you are not restricted to just the printers we recommend.


Organized from lowest to highest price.
  • ​PushPrinter PX-90 - Available with Ethernet or Bluetooth (Recommended)
  • Epson TM-T20 - Available with USB or Ethernet
  • Epson TM-M30 - Bluetooth
  • Epson TM-T82-II-i - USB and Ethernet, supporting many connected devices
Note, this list of printers is supported on the premium plan only. If you are looking for a list of printers on our standard plan please refer to this link.

Ideal Setup

Ideal setup
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